Moving House


After nearly two decades in our last house, situated in the heart of the Weald of Kent countryside, we have recently moved to our new place on Romney Marsh, Kent, close to the edge of New Romney.

We no doubt had the same stress and workload as any other person would after so many years of collecting ‘things‘. Of course, I also had the additional matter of aerials, radios and computer systems to dismantle, pack away and safely transport to the new property!

It is amazing how much ‘old-technology’ you keep, for that ‘rainy day’ just-in-case, probably never using it again! So it was with a heavy heart that I took most of that gear to the local recycling site. It still left quite a reasonable amount to pack & transport, but at least it was equipment I knew I would use ……. well, mostly! (I don’t think the two mint Spectrum computers will replace my Mac or PC just yet!)

As you, dear reader, can imagine ~ it takes quite a number of weeks to unpack and put away the household things we brought with us, especially as we had a three-week holiday to France soon after we moved in! Trying our best to get the house ‘just right’ took precedence over anything else, but I now find that I am in the position to carefully get the shack ready once more.

The shack is going to be set-up in our integral garage, so it will be quite warm most of the time and already benefits from extra security features fitted last week. It is also alarmed, along with the rest of the house! (You just cannot be too careful these days, sadly.)

This blog will be, amongst other things, a multimedia record of how the shack progresses from today, the equipment and aerials used, the type of operating carried out (data/voice/etc) and the thinking behind each development. I aim to post something each week, but as I was never good at keeping a diary when I was a child, it is going to be a challenge ~ but one I hope to conquer!

I hope this blog will not only be interesting, but also a source of information and ideas to enable others to, perhaps, learn from my journey?

Best 73 de John G0GCQ

[For my non-Amateur Radio readers ~ 73 is the CW or Morse Code for ‘Regards’ or ‘Best Wishes’]



2 thoughts on “Moving House

  1. Really enjoying the blog John. Look forward to having a crack at Packet Radio. If anyone wants a PMR radio to use on Packet I have quite a few (over 15) Motorola GM350’s on VHF high band. I can program them up and set the pins on the data connectors. I’m happy to donate one to anyone that needs one.

    Adrian G7IWV


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