I first became interested in the Commercial DX Broadcast bands when I was only 10 years old. My bedroom was often ‘enhanced’ by wire aerials ~ manufactured by myself and often leading to the metal window frame! (No double glazing in those days!)

After reaching college, and meeting fellow student Alex, G8TMA, I became very interested in the HAM bands, especially at VHF. During my finals I tried to pass the written Amateur Exams, but the task was just a bit too much to manage. I passed my teaching course (!!!) but failed Part 1 of the City & Guilds Radio Amateur written paper (Rules & Regs) ~ but passed the theory paper. In those days you had to pass both parts at one sitting ~ so no partial retakes.

I had to wait another 5 years before spare time and a local HAM course coincided.

Armed with a new callsign (a new G1) I was sent to Germany to work alongside members of the 14th Signal Regt. (Royal Signals) as a civilian Instructor. Before too long, and with my father’s help & encouragement (now G0LZF) I took and passed my CW exam & became the holder of a full ‘A’ licence in the UK. This meant my German callsign was changed, becoming DA1JU – which ran for several years in my name (they are re-issued after a few years).

All that finished in September 1989, when I, and my young family, returned to the UK.

I can be reached via email g0gcq@yahoo.co.uk

Retired from teaching, I am now looking forward to getting on the air a lot more from sunny New Romney, Kent. Perhaps I will work you in the future?

Main rig is a Yaesu FT-2000 at 400W into a full-size Windom at 3m asl, using a Heil HC6 insert. I am also QRV on D-Star, Fusion, DMR and HamNet Mesh.

I am a member of:  RSGB  /  ARRL  /  RSARS / UK 6 Metre Group

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